Monticola Covid Protocols

Identification of Possible Transmission Vectors

Areas where People Congregate:

    • Conference Table and Kitchen Table at Office

Jobs/Tasks Where People May Be Close to One Another


    • Pre-work Meetings
    • Timber Cruising (can be avoided if aware)
    • Driving (can be avoided if vehicles are well-organized)


    • Admin meetings
    • Public traffic into the office

Shared Tools/Machinery/Surfaces

    • Doorknobs and light switches to Main Office, Bathroom, Garage.
    • Office kitchen and bathroom faucets, and countertops.
    • Conference Table
    • Printer/Scanners
    • GPS tools (Geode, Tablets)
    • Chainsaws
    • Admin stuff (staplers, hole-punchers)

Addressing COVID Risk in the Workplace

Daily Checks

    • A daily symptom check sheet will be posted on the door of the office, and a sign-in sheet below to confirm that the employee is free of symptoms
    • Each day before attending work, each employee must do a self-assessment.
    • Upon entering the office for the first time each day, each employee or visitor should initial the sheet to confirm that they have done a self-assessment and are free of any COVID symptoms.

Maximum Occupancy

    • Posted on the Office Door. Not to be Exceeded 5.

Cleaning the offices

    • Christine or Nina will clean the office first thing each morning.
    • Shared tools identified at the beginning of the document will be cleaned.
    • Vehicles will be cleaned (disinfect steering wheel, door handles, seatbelt buckles, etc.) at the end of every day by the employee assigned to that vehicle, or an employee who has driven that vehicle that day.
    • Each employee will wash their hands immediately upon entering the office, as well as when they leave their workstation. They will follow the WSBC hand-washing guidelines posted in the office bathroom.


    • Every employee will know how and when to use masks. Each employee has been sent the info sheet on how to use a mask.
    • Masks will be required in the shared office space when employees are not at their workstation. It is also required when circumstances dictate that two employees must use the same vehicle, although effort shall be taken to avoid these situations through organizing vehicles appropriately.

Policies for Employees with Possible Exposure or Having Symptoms

Employees Must Stay Home if:

      • They have shown COVID symptoms in the past 10 days must self-isolate at home.
      • They have been identified as someone in close contact of someone with COVID.
      • Anyone who has arrived from outside of Canada must self-isolate for 14 days.

If an Employee Starts Feeling Ill at Work

      • Wash hands, put on a mask, and report to First Aid (Martina).
      • The employee will be asked to go home.
      • All surfaces the employee has contacted will be disinfected.

Business Operations Adaptation Measures

All Staff meetings will be on-line meetings through the Teams app

  1. Administration
    • Home office days must be arranged one day in advance with Maureen or Rainer. Once arranged the home office time will be posted on BBM.
    • There will 2 Monticola staff member staff members in the shared Office during business hours.
    • Christine will work Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.
    • Nina will work Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    • Office cleaning: Wipe all surfaces in the office at the beginning of the day with disinfectant.  Maureen will do this tonight again to be prepared for Monday morning.    There is a spray bottle and some cloths in the office.

2.  Forestry Field Crew

    • Ole and Martina Will co-ordinate their time be in the office each day .
    • Maureen and Rainer Will work from the workspaces in the house, and will try to minimize physical contact with the staff working in the office on any given day.

1. Vehicles: Single driver use of Monticola vehicles is the rule.

    • Ole = Tacoma
    • Martina = Silver FJ
    • Thomas = Black JF
    • Brendan = Toyota Tundra
    • Switching vehicles:
    • Clean the Steering wheel and controls at the end of each day, even if you are the only user. We will have a spray bottle and cloth in each vehicle.
    • All vehicle travel will be done separately, whenever possible. If not possible, all employees in the vehicle will wear a mask.
    • Please only use the vehicle that is assigned to you.

4. Home-office Work

    • Please arrange work at home in advance, which days are home-office days and ask for the logistical support to enable this and try to take with you what you may need.
    • Check the tasks in “teams” and post the work ahead of you on “Operations” at the beginning of the day.  We need to strengthen the use of these communication tools
    • Call Rainer or Maureen at least once a day, best time is the morning.
    • Keep the T-sheets updated and use the Clock during the day, turn location off.
    • If you need documents from the office scanned and sent to you, please ask whoever is physically in the office to assist with sending documents or ask Maureen or Rainer for help with this.

5.   We will have to work together to adapt

Please feel that Rainer, Maureen and Ole are approachable in terms of discussing how this impacts your personal and family situation, especially if the restrictive measures, or economic impact become prolonged.   We are suggesting for this week and looking ahead a protocol that seems fair and aligns with what Public Health officials and the government is asking of us.  However, all of us will likely be asked to continue to adapt, and we will have to communicate about this situation for all of us.