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A Non-Profit Society

The Acorn Outdoor Club was formed in 2003 to allow controlled access to private lands on Texada Island and the West Kootenays. An Acorn Outdoor Club membership includes a one-year membership in the BC Wildlife Federation.


The goals of the Acorn Outdoor Club are to:

  • Provide a safe, enjoyable, and exclusive use of designated private lands.
  • Protect this exclusivity and enjoyment of use by various interest groups and individual members. This is achieved by co-coordinating timetables and areas of use – i.e. Separate timetables or designated areas for hunting users, general users, and forestry contractors.
  • Encourage member stewardship and “quiet enjoyment” of the private lands while respecting ongoing forestry activities.
  • Provide access and control of hunting on the private lands.


AOC membership is by the calendar year and includes an identification card, a key to gates, a map of the property, and BCWF membership.